Exchange, Returns & Refunds Policy



Can I Change My Order?

 You cannot do so. Customers will be asked to confirm all of the parameters regarding the hair length, texture, quality, quantity, and so on right at the moment you are placing an order. As a result, we do not accept returns or exchanges for incorrectly selected items, sizes, styles, addresses, and so on.

 Nonetheless, you can cancel your order immediately (within 6 hours of placing it) and place a new one of your choice.

 Please contact us if you have any questions about placing an order so that we can ensure your satisfaction with your transaction.

Cancel An Order

Can I Cancel My Order?

 Yes, orders can be canceled. However, you can only cancel your order on the same day within 6 hours of purchase. If you contact us after this time to cancel your order, it may have already been forwarded to the warehouse for processing and delivery.

Does The Cancellation Cost Anything?

 Please be aware that a management, processing, and transaction fee (30% of the total purchase value) will be charged for both the cancellation and refund processes. Any inquiries should be directed to

Return & Refund Policy

What Is The Policy's Time Frame?

 Our policy was in effect for 72 hours after the delivery process was completed. After 72 hours, the order is considered accepted by the consumer, and no compensation is possible.

Who Is Responsible For The Cost Of Return Shipping?

 Customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping, which is not included in the amount reimbursed.

When Should I Ask For A Refund?

 In AZ Hair, we want you to love our goods as much as we do, which is why we stand behind their quality and guarantee our workmanship. We have minimal return rates and are proud of the high-quality products we provide. In any case, products may be damaged during shipping from time to time. If an item comes in any of the following situations, we will make every effort to provide a refund.

  • The hair arrives defective
  • The hair arrives broken
  • The hair texture differs from what you ordered
  • The hair length differs from what you ordered
  • The hair material is differst from the one you ordered
  • The hair is not the same as the one you ordered
  • The hair appears to be different from how it was described.

When Can I Get A Refund On A Product?

Notably, the returned item(s) must NOT satisfy the following requirements:

  • The hair has been washed.
  • If your hair has been altered in any manner.
  • The hair(s) are in any way defective from the original and saleable condition unless the condition is our fault.
  • The hair(s) do not have their original tags.
  • The hair(s) are returned in their original condition and in their original packaging.

What Documentation Is Required To Obtain A Refund?

  • The shipping label/receipt
  • Purchase documentation
  • Evidence of damaged items

How Should The Request Be Dealt With?

 Customers should send their Refund Inquiry to along with the necessary paperwork. Then customers receive a response from the Customer Service Department regarding the eligibility of the Refund Inquiry within 2 – 3 business days. Turn on your email notifications and wait patiently for our response.

 Further instructions will be provided depending on different circumstances.

Is it necessary for me to contact the Customer Service Department ahead of time?

 Absolutely. No refunds will be issued regardless of our email confirming the eligibility of your Refund & Return Request.

Where should I send the items back?

 After we send you an email confirming the eligibility of your Refund Request.

 Please DO NOT automatically return the package without confirmation via email, as we cannot be held liable for lost returns.

 There will be no refunds issued before that time. As a result, please include the Tracking Number from the Carrier you used to return the item(s) to us in a separate email to the same address –

How long will it take to process the refund?

 Return processing can take up to 14 business days from the time we receive your return. When the package arrives, we will email you to confirm, and your requested refund will be issued immediately, regardless of the return shipping fee that you previously purchased.

What should I do if there is no refund transaction in my bank account?

 If you haven’t received your refund yet, double-check your bank account. Then, contact your credit card company; your refund may take some time to be officially posted. Depending on the policy of your card’s issuer, you should receive your money within 10 to 15 days.

 If you’ve done everything else and still haven’t received your refund, please contact us right away at Please be patient and respond within 2 – 3 business days.


  • Our policy was in effect for 72 hours after the delivery process was completed. After 72 hours, the order is considered accepted by the customer, and no reimbursement is possible.
  • Please be informed that a management, processing, and transaction fee (30% of your total order value) will be applied for the refund process.
  • Customers must contact the Support Team ahead of time because we cannot be held liable for any unqualified Refund & Return Requests or lost item(s) during the return process.

Thank you,

Customer Service Department

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