Unveiling The Quality Grades Of Vietnamese: Single Drawn, Double Drawn, and Super Double Drawn

In recent years, Vietnamese hair has appeared as a phenomenon and it has become an indispensable beauty accessory for most modern women in the world of hair extensions and wigs. For those who are passionate into the world of hair extensions or salons and business owners looking to expand their offerings, comprehending Vietnamese hair grade plays an important role.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the complexities of Vietnamese hair grades, illuminating the differences among Single Drawn, Double Drawn, and Super Double Drawn. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions, enabling you to enhance your hair endeavors to unprecedented levels.

I. Classifications of quality grades of Vietnamese hair

Based on some common industry standards, Vietnamese hair is divided into 3 main grades: Single Drawn Hair, Double Drawn Hair, Super Double Drawn Hair.

Quality Grades Of Vietnamese: Single Drawn, Double Drawn, and Super Double Drawn

1. Single Drawn Hair

1.1. What is Single Drawn Hair?

Single Double Drawn hair with drawal extension is one of the lowest of the three types.

Single Double Drawn hair has 45-50% strands in the same length, the rest is mixed with shorter hair. This hair grade is full at the top and thinner as you go down at the end.

1.2. Pros and Cons Of Single-Drawn Hair

Pros of single drawn hair

  • Single drawn hair looks more natural. 
  • The price of single hair extensions is lower than the same length and type of hair double drawn. 

Cos of single drawn hair

  • The end of the hair is thinner than the top and looks uneven and not as luxurious. 
  • Doesn’t have the bounce that most people want from their extensions.

2. Double Drawn Hair

2.1. What is Double Drawn Hair?

Double Drawn Hair has 70-75% strands of the same length, the rest is mixed. Unlike single drawn extensions, double drawn hair maintains uniform thickness from root to tip, resulting in a lush and voluminous appearance.  This is the most preferred Vietnamese hair grade due to the good quality and reasonable price, especially for Nigeria,.. clients.

Double Drawn Vietnamese Hair Grade

2.2. Pros and Cons Of Double Drawn Hair

Pros of double drawn hair

  • Better hair volume
  • Top and bottom have equal thickness
  • Retain curls longer when styled

Cos of double drawn hair

  • More expensive than single drawn hair
  • Tangles more than single drawn hair
  • Not suitable for people with super fine hair
  • Double-drawn hair extensions are often heavy, long, and full of volume, so they can put pressure on your hair follicles. This makes hair problems worse.

3. Super Drawn Hair

3.1. What is Super Drawn Hair?

Super Drawn Hair has 85-95% of hair in the same length and is considered the best quality Vietnamese hair bundle.  This hair grade is the highest quality in Vietnamese Hair Extensions. This results in a full and thick appearance from root to tip. 

Super Drawn Double Drawn Vietnamese Hair Grade

3.2. Pros and Cons Of Super Drawn Hair

Pros of super drawn hair

  • Having highest fullness. 
  • Matching with many hair styles. 
  • Creating a natural look. 
  • Long Lifespan: 2–5 years

Cos of super drawn hair

  • Pretty high to go with high quality

II. Tips to identify Single drawn, Double drawn and Super drawn Vietnamese hair Grade

Understanding the nuances between single drawn, double drawn, and super drawn Vietnamese hair is crucial for those seeking the perfect match for their desired hairstyle. Specially, there are two simplest ways to identify the hair grades distinguished by eyes and through touching.

1. Identify by Eyes

To discern the three grades of Vietnamese hair mentioned above, conduct a hair check by observing and comparing the top and the ends of the hair.

  • Firstly, if the ends of the hair appear visibly thinner than the top and exhibit uneven lengths, categorize it as single-drawn Vietnamese hair.
  • In the situation that the ends and the top is less apparent, categorize it as double-drawn Vietnamese hair.
  • Finally, the top and ends of the hair have the same thickness, categorize it as super double-drawn Vietnamese hair.

This assessment method is most suitable for Vietnamese natural straight, bone straight, or wavy hair types. However, for voluminous styles like bouncy, deep curly, or deep wavy, distinguishing between the top and ends can prove challenging.

2. Identify by Touch

Touching the hair is also a simple but effective way to check the quality of Vietnamese hair grades:

  • Swiping from the top: hold the whole bundle of hair and stroke it from top to down to determine where the hair begins to be thinner.

– If thinning starts around the halfway mark, it indicates single drawn Vietnamese hair. grade. 

– Secondly, the thinning occurs around 70% down, it suggests double drawn Vietnam hair. 

– In the case of the thickness remains consistent throughout, it’s likely super double drawn hair.

  • Horizontal bending: this will help determine how much or less of the hair is shorter than the rest olding the hair flat, bend it to gauge the variance in length. 

– If roughly 50% of the hair appears shorter, it’s likely single drawn Vietnamese hair. 

– Finally, about 30% shorter suggests double drawn, while minimal variation indicates super double drawn.

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III. Where To Buy Vietnamese Drawn Hair Extensions?

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