Recently, Vietnamese hair extensions have surged in popularity within the hair market, becoming a favored choice over other types. Known for its exceptional quality and versatility, Vietnamese hair has become a significant player in the international hair industry. This blog post delves into the unique features of Vietnamese hair, its production process, the growing market demand, and its economic impact. In this blog post, we will explore the effect of Vietnamese Hair in the international hair market.

I. Overview of the Vietnamese Hair Market

The Vietnamese human hair extension market is flourishing, largely due to the global demand for high-quality hair extensions. According to market research, the hair market, including Vietnamese human hair, was valued at approximately USD 2.58 billion in 2023. It is projected to reach USD 4.77 billion by 2032, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3% from 2024 to 2032.

Overview Of The Vietnamese Hair Market​

For Vietnamese exporters of human hair extensions, the USA is expected to be the most attractive market by 2028, followed by Myanmar, South Korea, China, and Japan. The high import demand potential in the USA is also notable for other countries. The growing popularity of Vietnamese hair in North American markets, particularly in the U.S., is likely to attract new raw material suppliers to Asia. Vietnamese hair is typically sourced from villagers in high mountain areas, where the hair quality is unaffected by sunlight. Suppliers usually collect hair from women aged 18-25, ensuring strong and healthy hair for the global market.

II. What Gives Vietnamese Hair The Potential To Thrive In The International Market?

The human hair extension market in Vietnam plays a crucial role in the country’s beauty and cosmetics industry. Renowned for its high quality, Vietnamese hair is widely used in wigs, extensions, and other hair products globally. The market benefits from a skilled workforce dedicated to hair collection and processing. Contributing significantly to Vietnam’s international trade and economic growth, making it a competitive player in the global beauty industry.

Vietnamese Hair The Potential To Thrive In The International Market

Vietnamese hair extensions are especially popular among African hair wearers, prompting merchants in Africa to import these products. These extensions are resold at three to six times their original value. Despite their global popularity, particularly in European and American markets. Vietnamese manufacturers prioritize exports, leading to higher demand and occasional shortages. This results in Vietnamese hair extensions being more expensive, often 8-15 times the cost of hair bought directly from Vietnamese manufacturers, in high-end markets.


As demand continues to rise, this trend is expected to persist. Urbanization is also contributing to a gradual decline in the availability of Vietnamese hair, further driving up prices.

III. The Effect Of Vietnamese Hair In The International Hair Market

1. It has become one of the common standard measures

Vietnamese hair has become the “common industry standard” for evaluating hair quality due to its outstanding features of quality and versatility. Known for being thick, strong, and naturally straight with a smooth texture. Vietnamese hair is easy to style. This quality is attributed to the meticulous care Vietnamese women take of their hair, using only natural cosmetics and avoiding harsh chemicals. Additionally, Vietnamese hair extensions are relatively affordable, making them accessible to a broader range of customers. This affordability stems from Vietnam’s status as a major producer of human hair extensions, with numerous factories and suppliers operating within the country.

→  This is why Vietnamese hair has become the benchmark for hair importers and salon owners seeking reliable and high-quality partners. The exceptional qualities of Vietnamese hair, including its strength, natural luster, and ease of styling, set a standard in the industry that professionals look for when selecting hair products for their clientele. As a result, it has gained a reputation as the go-to choice for those in the hair business who prioritize excellence and consistency.

2. It has become highly “sought after” in the hair market

Vietnamese hair has become highly sought after in the hair market due to its exceptional quality, durability, and natural appearance. Renowned for its strength and elasticity, Vietnamese hair stands out because it is sourced from women who maintain healthy hair care practices, ensuring that the hair is strong and resilient. The cuticles are aligned in the same direction, reducing tangling and matting, and the hair is typically free from harsh chemical treatments, making it less prone to breakage and shedding. Its versatility in styling—whether straight, wavy, or curly—combined with its long-lasting nature, makes it a preferred choice among consumers globally. 

Vietnamese Hair In The International Hair Market

This rising demand, particularly in high-end markets like the USA and Europe, underscores the premium status of Vietnamese hair extensions in the international hair industry. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that Vietnamese hair has become one of the most highly sought-after hair types today.

V. Conclusions

The Vietnamese hair market continues to grow with emerging trends focusing on new styles and advanced processing techniques. Vietnamese hair not only plays a pivotal role in the global hair market but also makes substantial contributions to Vietnam’s economy by generating employment opportunities and fostering industry expansion. With this sustained growth trajectory, Vietnamese hair remains a preferred option for consumers seeking natural, durable, and fashionable hair extensions.

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