How To Import Vietnamese Hair Extensions

With the growing demand for hair extensions and wigs, the hair market offers significant potential for entrepreneurs. This increasing demand has inspired many individuals to venture into the hair business, seeing it as a lucrative opportunity. However, sourcing reliable products can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to the industry.

Whether you’re new to importing or already experienced, if you’re considering to import Vietnamese hair extensions but don’t know where to start, this blog guide will provide you with the essentials, ensuring a smooth and successful import experience.

I. Why You Should Import Hair From Vietnamese Hair Vendors?

In recent years, the Vietnamese hair market has flourished, gaining a reputation for offering the highest quality hair available today. In fact, Vietnamese hair extensions has become the top choice for many international hair dealers due to its authentic origins, natural luster, durability, and versatility for various styles.

1. Vietnamese Hair Suppliers Have A Stability in Hair Source

Vietnamese hair, sourced from women in the northern mountains and southern plains, is renowned for its abundance and high quality. Importing Vietnamese hair ensures a stable supply for your needs. Additionally, the diversity in hair sources and styles from different individuals provides hair wholesalers with a consistent and varied inventory.

2. Vietnamese Hair Quality

Vietnamese hair typically features a straight to slightly wavy texture, with variations among individuals. It ranges from fine to medium thickness, offering versatility for various styling options. Vietnamese hair extensions are highly prized for their ease of processing into various styles, including curly and wavy, as well as for dyeing. Even after processing, the hair maintains its high quality and natural look. This ability to be restyled as desired makes Vietnamese hair stand out globally, earning the appreciation of many customers.

Renowned for its longevity and superior quality compared to hair from other popular Asian countries, Vietnamese hair is known for its strong, thick strands and natural luster. With proper care, it can last for years. The nutrient-rich diet among Vietnamese people promotes healthy hair growth, contributing to its durability. With appropriate care and maintenance, Vietnamese hair extensions can endure for a long time, allowing for easy experimentation with different hairstyles and looks.

3. Vietnamese Hair Prices

Vietnamese hair prices can vary based on factors such as length, texture, volume, and processing. However, overall, Vietnamese hair is relatively affordable compared to hair from other countries in the region, especially when imported directly from Vietnamese hair vendors.

II. How To Import Vietnamese Hair Extensions Step By Step

For more detailed information on how to import hair from Vietnam, let’s read the following carefully:

1. Step 1: Research and select

Before starting any business, thorough research is crucial as it forms the foundation for your initial steps. When importing hair, it is essential to research and compile a list of reputable suppliers that meet your criteria for quality, price, service, and production time.

import Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Step 1 Research And Select ​ 2

After engaging with Vietnamese hair vendors on platforms such as websites, Facebook, and Instagram to gather information as well as carefully read about previous customers’ purchasing experiences, you should select the supplier that best aligns with your requirements and proceed to the next step.

2. Step 2: Contact and place your order

You can contact Vietnamese hair vendors through Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other platform they use. Inquire about their company profile, product collection, price list, shipping methods, production process, payment options, and return policy.

Contact And Place Your Order ​

Before placing a large order, consider making a small purchase to evaluate the vendor’s service and product quality. You can also customize your order based on your preferences, including length, color, style, and quantity.

3. Step 3: Confirm the order and making payment

After placing your order, confirm it with the hair supplier via email, phone, WhatsApp, or any other platform they use. Review your order details, including the product name, product code, price, shipping fee, and total amount. You can also request an invoice or contract to secure your order and avoid any misunderstandings or disputes.

To Import Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Once the order is confirmed, you can pay the supplier (can be 70% or 100% depending on each party’s regulations). You should choose a hair vendor that uses the security methods such as Bank Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, or credit card. Additionally, you should request a receipt or confirmation to verify your payment and track your order status.

4. Step 4: Receive the order

After you have made your payment, the vendor will begin production processing within 10 to 14 dáy and shipping your order. You can choose from various shipping methods, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, or EMS and remember to ask for a tracking number or link to track your order location and delivery time.

  • If you are from African countries, we will ship via separate agents with the best exchange rate for you.

  • If you are from North America or Europe, we can ship via UPS, DHL, FedEX, etc.

In conclusion, depending on your location and chosen shipping method, you can expect to receive your order within 5 to 10 days.

By following the 4 steps outlined above, you now know how to import hair from Vietnam. But which hair vendors in Vietnam are trustworthy? Let’s move on to the next section to find out.

III. Top 3 Reputable Vietnamese Hair Distributors To Import

#1 AZ Hair Vietnam - The Biggest Vietnamese Hair Supplier

With more than 17 years of experience in the hair industry, AZ Hair has become one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations specializing in the manufacturing and trading of Vietnamese hair worldwide.

AZ Hair always strives to provide customers with quality products and perfect service. We are also proud to be the first unit to be verified by Alibaba – the leading B2B e-commerce platform in the world. 

With 3 expansive factories strategically positioned throughout Vietnam and outfitted with state-of-the-art facilities, AZ Hair boasts a robust production capability, bolstered by the dedication of over 365 highly skilled laborers. This enables us to cater to diverse demands for trending hair textures and specialized services, ensuring satisfaction across a spectrum of quality requirements.

AZ Hair Factory – Top Best Hair Factory In Vietnam​

From Raw Human Hair to Weave Hair, Colored Hair, Tape-in options, Invisible Tape-in selections, Clip-in Hair, Keratin Hair (including U, I, V, and Flat tip varieties), Nano Hair Tip, PonyTail Hair, Lace Closure, Frontal pieces, and Wigs, we have selected from 100% high-quality Vietnamese hair to fulfill the beauty desires of our clientele.

Best Wholesales Vietnamese Hair - Collection

At AZ Hair Company, prioritizing our customers’ needs is our foremost commitment. With extensive years dedicated to research and development, we’ve expanded our product range to cater to a diverse array of preferences.

Contact for more information:

#2 Sancy Hair Factory

With decade-long expertise in the hair industry, Sancy Hair has cemented its status as a respected and professional Vietnamese entity specializing in the global manufacturing and trading of Vietnamese hair. Each meticulously crafted hair product epitomizes the remarkable quality that graces the heads of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Moreover, with the construction of a large factory area of up to 200 square meters, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and bolstered by the dedication of 200 highly skilled laborers, Sancy Hair possesses robust production capabilities to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the global hair market.

Sancy Hair
Sancy Hair Collection

At Sancy Hair Factory, they provide all hair types and hair qualities to meet customers’ needs: from Tape-in, Clip-in Hair, Keratin Hair (including U, I, V, and Flat tip varieties), Nano Hair Tip, PonyTail Hair, Lace Closure, Frontal pieces, to Wigs

Contact for more information:

  • Website:

  • Whatsapp/ Hotline: (+84) 766.629.002

  • Email:

#3 Lyn Hair Factory

Lyn Hair

Finally, Lyn Hair is a premier hair factory offering high-quality hair at competitive prices. Trusted by global industry leaders, Lyn Hair serves as a reliable supplier for human hair, Vietnamese hair buns, human hair wigs, Remy hair, and virgin hair. For those entering the hair extensions market, Lyn Hair stands out as one of the best choices among Vietnamese hair factories.

Contact for more information:

  • Website:

  • Whatsapp/ Hotline: (+84) 936.085.069

  • Email:

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